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Dumper Toys:

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JCB Dumper Truck Toy with lights, sound effects and articulated reverse tipping trailer

Bruder Dump Truck
Tonka Toy Dump Truck
Dump Truck Ride On
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JCB Dumper Truck Toys
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Matchbox Dumper Muir Hill No 2

Vintage Matchbox Dumper Toy

Moko Lesney Toy Dumper

Vintage Moko Lesney Toy Dumper

Dump Truck Toy

Modern JCB Dumper Toy

Universal Hobbies Dumper Toy

Universal Hobbies Neuson Power Swivel Dumper Toy

Wooden Dumper Truck Toy

Pintoy Wooden Dumper Truck Toy

Ride On Dumper by Rolly Toys

Rolly Toys Caterpillar Ride On Dumper

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JCB Dump Truck Toy

Toy JCB Dumper

Dump Truck Toys

Dump truck toys, especially in the US, usually refer to larger toy trucks meant for transporting heavier loads of muck or aggregates over longer distances along pretend roads.

Dumper truck toys, or simply toy dumpers, by contrast, in the UK at least, are usually the familiar front tipping forward facing skip vehicles more often played with off road on make-believe construction sites and road works.

Either way, dumper toys, dump truck toys and dumper truck toys provide endless hours of fun for children of all ages.

JCB Dumper Truck Toy

Articulated JCB Toy Dump Truck

Bruder Toys Dump Truck

Classic Bruder Dump Truck Toy

Hasbro Tonka Toys Dump Truck

Mighty Tonka Dump Truck Toy

Dumper Truck Toys

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Matchbox Dumper Truck

Vintage Matchbox Dumper Truck Toy

The Dinky Supertoys Muir-Hill Dumper Truck No 562 made in England by Meccano Ltd features a gravity front tipping skip. Dinky Toys also made a reverse tipping dumper truck No 962.

Dinky Dumper Truck Toy

Over the years theres been quite a few dumper truck toys released including the Lesney Muir Hill Dumper No 2 dating back to the 1950's. Much later Corgi released their version of the die-cast toy dumper truck. You can also find several vintage highway dumper trucks, or tipper lorries, such as the Ford D800 Dumper Truck No 438 by Dinky Toys and the Matchbox Lesney No 40 Dumper Truck and No 48 Dodge Dumper Truck.

Corgi Toy Dumper - Volvo Lowloader with Thwaites Dumper Toy

Today you can buy a wide range of highway dumper truck toys from manufacturers like Hasbro, Tonka, Corgi, Universal Hobbies, Little Tikes, JCB Junior and Orange Tree Toys. There are even radio controlled dumpers. But the finest classic dump truck toys are without doubt the vintage Matchbox Lesney and Dinky toys.

Todays best dump truck toys are made by Bruder and Tonka. Dumper truck toys are made under licence from the big manufacturers such as JCB and Caterpillar. Canadian Tonka toys dump trucks, or as we should now correctly say Hasbro dump trucks, have traditionally been made from pressed steel and are renowned for their good playability and above all their durability.

German toy company Bruder Toys are highly respected amongst collectors because their scale model dump truck toys are very accurate and always feature several moving parts such as dump trucks with tipping skips. Britains Toys also make their own popular version of the JCB Dump Truck.

Rolly Toys Caterpillar Ride On Dumper Truck Toy

Rolly Toys make superb full size children's ride on dumper truck toys. These ride on dumper toys feature skips that can be loaded and tipped and are pedal driven.

JCB Dumper Truck ToyThe JCB Dump Truck Ride on features realistic knobbly tires and locking arm to keep the dumper's skip in place whilst on the move. dumpertruck.net features some of the best dumper truck toys and dumper truck ride ons available.