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Mini Dumper

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JCB Dumper

JCB Dumpers are rugged construction vehicles form a world-class manufacturer.

Buy JCB Dumpers with complete confidence.

JCB Limited

Better known for its range of diggers, UK plant manufacturer JCB Ltd started out in 1945. JCB operate in over 150 countries making more than 300 different products.

Dumper Truck

The JCB Dumpster is a tiny manually operated cabless tracked dumper truck. This machine can be operated with no prior experience but is still capable of tipping 600kg loads into a skip. With a width of just 69cm the Dumpster can easily be transported in a medium sized van.

In the 1980's JCB launched their Articulated Dump Truck. The JCB dump truck is a hydraulic reverse tipping vehicle with a 5.9 litre turbocharged engine.